Food News: Is There a “Right” Way to Cut Butter?

Is this butter sliced correctly? Depends on who you ask…

Plus: Alton Brown is back, the chicken sandwich everyone is talking about, and a “bean-free” coffee idea.

Is there a right way to cut butter? Boston news anchor Maria Stephanos recently posted a photo of how her family cuts butter, and the internet was outraged. []

After a too-long hiatus, Alton Brown’s cult-favorite show Good Eats is back with new episodes! The first episode of  the new season technically premiers this Sunday, but you can already stream it online. [Food Network]

This year we’ve talked about meatless meat, fishless fish, and now a company out of Seattle wants to create bean-free coffee. What will they imagine next? [Grub Street]

This week fast-food chain Popeyes released their first chicken sandwich. It became so popular, so fast, that many locations sold out of the sandwich around the country. [Forbes]

We don’t mean to scare you, but a woman in Wisconsin found a live frog in her triple-washed salad. Yikes! [Delish]

Are you prepared for pumpkin spice latte season? The worst offender this year just might be pumpkin spice Spam. Yes, Spam. []

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