Anti Aging Herbs?

Anti Aging Herbs?  Learn more about them

This is a time of health awareness. We should all know about the processes happening in our body. What cause aging? It’s a common question asked by young people to fight it before time.

Aging is biological process which leads to progressive degenerative changes in all living creatures on earth. Aging is normal and inevitable. Throughout in the human history, people are interested in finding solutions for preventing this aging process. Anti-aging study is certainly a wide and tough area of research for the scientists. Nowadays, the concept of aging has got a version that instead of increasing lifespan people are intended to increase the health span. People are now more interested in knowing the prevention of pathological aging of the organs and body, to keep themselves away from diseases.

Medical science defines aging process as a combination of two distinct phenomenon; oxidation reaction and decrease in hormone levels in the body. Much like the similar reaction occurring on metals due to oxidation creating rust over the surface of the metal. Scientists worked long to find the ways to combat the effects of oxidation on human body by working on antioxidants. Antioxidants destroy the harmful free radicals in the human body which trigger the process of anti aging. Free radicals accumulate in the body due to constant exposure of the body to environment in our daily life. Riboflavin, CoQ10, and alpha lipoic acid supplements works well to fight with these free radicals in the body.

There are many products available in the market to prevent aging process but all have dozens of side effects. Botanist James Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy and Anti-aging Prescriptions from Rodale, always tries to avoid mainstream medicine to maintain his health by keep growing nearly everything he needs in his farm by himself. Duke suggests his readers of using organic ingredients in their diet and medicine. Wise decision is to go for the natural things in your life.

Herbal medicine has a very long history in Asian and Eastern European countries. In natural anti-aging methods, herbalist use herbs, fruits, vegetable, oils and other organic products they produce naturally. These herbs are safe in recommended doses and have almost no side effects.

Natural products such as coconut milk, avocados, potatoes or oils like soya bean oil, primrose oil has no side effects even after long term use. There is no risk of associated toxic substances or chemicals seeping in your body with their use. These are also cost effective methods to help keep you younger.

According to the scientists in Spain, cloves, is claimed the highest ranking in the list of anti- aging herbs as a natural anti- oxidant. Researchers at Miguel Hernandez University established the fact that cloves contains phenolic compound, a potent anti-aging compound, in very high concentration. Other herbs in the Mediterranean diet tested included essential oils from rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage. “These substances exhibit high antioxidant capacity, and could have beneficial effects for health,” said study co-author Juana Fernandez-Lopez.

The intake of different herbs as anti-aging supplements should be supported with healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. You need to compliment the anti-aging products with wholesome change in your lifestyle.

Author:  Dr Rubina Mushtaq

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