Anti Aging Exercises

Execise for slowing down agingExercising is the best way to keep fit, healthy and younger. It slows the aging process, allowing us to live longer, reaping the anti aging benefits of exercise. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean sweating on a treadmill; actually exercising includes even daily activities that we usually don’t think about, like walking, going up stairs, housekeeping or even going for heavy shopping and walking back from the grocery store.

Try to walk instead of taking the car in relatively short distances. Climbing stairs instead of using an elevator, or walking a couple of miles in fast pace, such as power walking, can be a very good exercise and is supposed to be extremely helpful for heart and respiratory system. Same with bike; try to avoid car and use your bike especially when the weather is nice.

Not only you will do some exercise but you will also enjoy the nice day and you will feel better and more confident. These are little tips that we usually don’t think of, but can have a great effect on our daily lives and plus are time savers; you don’t need to schedule anything; you just do regular things but exercise at the same time.

The best exercises for anti aging are swimming, yoga, aqua gymnastics, hiking and walking. Aerobic exercises are great, but they are not enough. As we age, aerobic activity cannot support our weight or muscles, so we need to add some strength training in our lives to increase balance and improve our posture. Moreover, strength training can decrease the chances of rheumatoid or osteo rheumatoid arthritis.

Moderate exercising can slow down the aging process, relieving some of the problems that could be associated with age. The most commonly observed benefits from exercising are reliving of joint and back pain, insomnia, stress, muscle tone, flexibility and managing a healthy weight.

Moreover, there are exercises that help the anti aging process directly, enhancing the growth hormones in our body. Growth hormones are reduced while we are growing up, and cause us to feel heavier and older. The release of additional hormones aids in increasing the lean muscle mass of the body and the bone density, while decreasing the fat. Our immune system can get stronger with exercises such as dead lifts and squats. These exercises can also make our muscles, such as hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, back muscles and gluteus shed energy, increasing the secretion of growth hormone, even if we are getting older in age.

It is always important to remember that anti aging exercises are important but if you want to lead a healthy life, prolonging your life you need to combine exercises with a healthy diet, and an overall lifestyle that will help you improve the standards of your life.


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