Positive evidence that anti inflammatory diet is effective

Effectiveness  of anti inflammatory diet ——- Research review

In ancient Greeks inflammation was described as the internal fire. Nowadays scientists have defined two distinct types of inflammation. The first type is inflammation resulting in acute pain. This can be considered classical inflammation. A second type of inflammation can be described as chronic low-level inflammation that is below the threshold of pain. This can be termed “silent inflammation” (Sears B. The Anti-Inflammation Zone. New York, NY, USA: Regan Books; 2005).

The linkage of diet and inflammation lies within the innate immune system. The innate immune system is the most primitive part of our overall immunological response. As a result, it has been conserved for hundreds of millions of years of evolution and is sensitive to nutrients (Hotamisligil GS, Erbay E. Nutrient sensing and inflammation in metabolic diseases. Nature Reviews Immunology. 2008;8(12):923–934).

Road to a younger healthier life starts with eating the right food. Good food can greatly helps in fighting premature aging. A healthy diet and lifestyle are key weapons in the fight to prevent cardiovascular disease — the nation’s No. 1 killer — according to new American Heart Association diet and lifestyle recommendations published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

New recommendations for healthy American from age 2 to older which replace the guidelines issued in 2000 are

  • Reduce saturated and transfatty acids in the diet
  • Avoid intake added sugars in food and beverages
  • Take diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains foods
  • Take regular exercise and physical activity
  • Avoid smoking at maximum

“The key message of the recommendations is to focus on long-term, permanent changes in how we eat and live. The best way to lower cardiovascular risk is to combine physical activity with heart-healthy eating habits, coupled with weight control and avoiding tobacco products,” said Lichtenstein D.Sc., chair of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee and Gershoff professor of nutrition science. “The point is not to calculate the amount of saturated and trans-fatty acids in the diet, but to choose foods that minimize your intake. For example, you can choose leaner cuts of meat and lower-fat dairy products, smaller serving sizes, avoid foods made with hydrogenated fat and include more fruits, vegetables, vegetarian options and fish in the diet,” Lichtenstein said.

To reduce the effects of silent inflammation from the body, you need to replace the refined sugar with whole grains and fruits. There should be a strict watch on the fats in your diet. Dietary fats have a direct effect on chronic inflammation in the body.

There is a rule of thumb for anti-inflammatory food that applies here – Eat your platter of fruits and vegetables every day and you are on your way to a healthier life. There are specific foods that can enhance the body nutrition. These foods are said to be anti-inflammatory. They are said to be antioxidants and anti-aging. These foods help your body heal and quickly fight the various negative environmental stimuli which produce free radicals.

It is evidentially proven now that Mediterranean diet is one of the best and healthiest diets on this planet so far. It is rich is fruits and vegetables, fibers and omega 3 fatty acids.


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Author: Dr Rubina Mushtaq

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