Anti inflammatory food

chicken saladInflammation is a reaction which occurs when there is any kind of irritation, infection or injury to a particular tissue. There are various symptoms of inflammation like redness, swelling of the area and complete loss of sensation. Is there any link to the kind of food we consume and inflammation?

Foods which one should avoid

The excess consumption of junk food, over processed items, sugar and meats can increase the risk of inflammation. Trans and saturated fat consumption must be reduced significantly, by avoiding red meat, high fat meat and processed food items. Bread and pasta consumption must be reduced to reduce refined wheat consumption.
Sugar consumption can be reduced by cutting down on pastries, sugary soda, rich deserts, candies, and pre sweetened cereals.

Tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes are another possible source of irritation. The reason is simple; they contain solanine which causes pain and inflammation in some humans.

Choosing anti inflammatory food

Fats and oils like the Omega Three Fatty Acid are found in deep water cold fishes and also in Pumpkin seeds. Consumption of monosaturated fat found in avocado, nuts and olive oil have shown the reduction in cardiovascular diseases. Walnut oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil is all very helpful in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Fruits and vegetables: Berries, vegetables and whole fruits are rich in minerals, vitamin and fiber, antioxidants and photochemical. Brightly colored whole fruits and vegetables are the best nutrients. Five servings of fruits and vegetables are absolutely necessary in a day.

Lean protein from poultry items have the capacity to act as anti-inflammatory substances. Soy food items like tofu also have the capacity to reduce the incidence of inflammation in human body.

Beverages: The most important beverage is water which is needed in high amounts in our body. Fruit juice, herbal tea, vegetable juices- having low sodium content- the most ideal anti inflammatory food items.

Anti-inflammatory diet tips:

Some tips which suggest you to choose certain food items over others.

For a morning meal one should have oatmeal served with dry fruits.

Nuts, fruits, seeds and vegetable products can be great substitutes for snack items.

Cut down on red meat consumption.

One can also try a stir fried tofu along with scramble.

One should always stay away from food which has been deep fried – one can try poached or baked items instead of that.

A lot of salad in meal is a very good option since it is pure and fresh.

One should only drink  pure water. Vegetable and fruit juices can also be a good option. Herbal and green tea can be a good substitute for aerated drinks.