Gerovital H3 (GH3) – Reverse the effects of aging

There are more than 500 scientific publications advocating the use of Gerovital as an anti aging drug.

Every person has his own biological clock. Aging is a process which is influenced by the genetic and environmental factors. Normal aging rhythm can be accelerated or delayed due to these factors. Aging rhythm can be controlled by these nutritional, physical and environmental factors.

 According to National Institute on Aging “while a healthy lifestyle will help delay many of the conditions associated with aging processes, no preparation or device can stop aging.” 

Throughout our life cycle, a complex system of glands secretes hormones that promote different developmental functions in the body. These growth hormones aid in reproductive functions, enhance immune system, weight control and healthy mental activities. Hormone production decreases after a certain age and declines further with age.

Furthermore, research shows that in aging men, the amplitude of pulsatile GH release (the magnitude of the GH pulse) declines by 50% every seven years after 18-25 years of age. (Available at: Accessed January 5, 2009).

The proportion of fat and muscular tissues in the body tissues changes after the age of body in both men and women. Almost 30% of the muscular mass is replaced by fat tissues at 60. With the advancing age, there is decrease in articular flexibility, muscular strength, vascular elasticity and cardiac efficacy.

Gerovital or Gerovital-H3 is a controversial anti- aging treatment. It came illegally from Romania in 1950’s and used for the cure of hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, deafness, Parkinson’s disease, impotence and other age related diseases. One of the ingredients of Gerovital- H3 is procaine hydrochloride, is an approved anesthetic for dental use. FDA considered it as an unapproved new drug but now does not claim it as hazardous for health. There are more than 500 scientific publications advocating the use of Gerovital as an anti aging drug. However there are few reported cases of low blood pressure and respiratory difficulties with its long term use.

“We observed a new liveliness and mental vigour in 16 of the 25 patients treated”. (E. Bucci and J Saunders (1960 USA)).

“Gerovital-H3 is indicated for people older than 40 years in order to retard the aging process and as a preventative and curative treatment for chronic degenerative diseases.(Mircea Dimutru M.D./Ph.D. (Mexico 1998))

Gerovital-H3 or GH3 is a type of growth hormone that claims anti aging properties and fight free radicals in the body. It is a generally considered as a potent and safe anti aging hormone. It can easily be ingested once or twice a day. Gerovital-H3 helps in normalizing the brain neurotransmitting balance that regularizes the chronobiological rhythms of the body.

Does your body need Gerovital? Ask your doctor. With proper medical advice you can turn back your biological clock.


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Author: Dr Rubina Mushtaq


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