HGH – Treatments & supplements, risks & benefits

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most dramatic ways to address aging but some fear botched or awkward results. Well, plenty of products are in the market for this purpose. One of the most effective and promising products on offer is the human growth hormone supplements. Several studies show that human growth hormone (HGH) plays an important role in bone development and growth. As we age, there is a significant decrease in HGH levels in the body. This decrease is an indicator of aging.

Human growth hormone is shown to promote protein anabolism, carbohydrate tolerance, lipolysis, natriuresis and bone and connective tissue turnover (Sturmi JE, et,al. 1998).

The most visible and early signs of fall in the levels of HGH in the body can be the dry, wrinkled skin, thin and grey hair, and brittle nails. Latter the muscles lose their strength and flexibility. Person becomes more prone to degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. Bones becomes more susceptible to cracks and fractures.

Human growth hormone is thought to increase muscle mass, and spare muscle glycogen  by stimulating lipolysis during exercise (Silver MD, 2001).

There are several advantages of the HGH therapy in people after 30 years of age. There is a considerable increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat with HGH supplement. This therapy improves skin health and bone density.

In conjunction with HGH therapy, a change in life style with regular exercise and proper diet is recommended. HGH supplement pills will increase vitality, strength and promote health in all aspects. This will reduce common aging problems and decrease the risk of degenerative disease in old age.

Exercise is a potent physiological stimulus of GH release (Felsing N. E. et,al. (1992)).

It is very important to see a doctor before seeking HGH therapy. Over dosage of HGH can cause critical issues as commonly misused by athletes.

Potential benefits of hGH abuse in athletes revolve around its anabolic effect on the body (Sturmi JE, 1998).

Longevity with HGH supplement is the possible. HGH supplement is unequivocal age defying solution. Millions of people around the globe are appreciating the great benefits of HGH. It assures extended youth and health. Anti-aging with this growth hormone is the way that deals with how you can stay young.


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Author: Dr. Rubina Mushtaq


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