Research review: Carnosine – Reversing the Biological Age

This is a fascinating era we are living in. Today, researchers are investigating validated methods to reverse our biological age. They try to enable our aging bodies to grow younger and better. This would help to succumb to horrific diseases that accompany old age. Nowadays, with each biological discovery, we climb higher towards attaining a complete control over our life processes.

Instead of letting a person die after the age of 80 or having a miserable life after 60 due to degenerative diseases, latest research suggest a compound that protect the oxidation process in the human cells. Within a month, there is an obvious change in the age-related pathologies in your body.

Carnosine has described by the doctors and researchers as a forgotten compound. Carnosine is well known for its apparent anti-aging actions but its mechanism of action is still uncertain. Carnosine is naturally present in high concentration in our muscles and brain and lens of the eye. Carnosine supplements help in improving general physical well-being, muscle tone, sense of smell and mental activity. It acts as an indirect neurotransmitter and plays an important impact on olphactory nerve to improve sense of smell. People report better libido and sexual activity after its use within a short period of time.

Five different cell mechanisms are involved in the process of aging. These are oxidation, methylation abnormalities, glycosylation, hormonal deregulation and chronic inflammation in the organisms. Carnosine appears to protect the lining of arteries from furring up by inhibiting the oxidation of the bad “LDL” cholesterol (research by Decker et al., 2001; Seifulla et al., 2005). Carnosine have a protective action against glycosylation in the cells and also acts as an anti-inflammatory compound. Researchers have found that Carnosine can also extend the lifespan in human cell cultures, and significantly reduced damage to telomeric DNA (Shao, et al., 2004). The list of studies goes on. In an article in Annals of New York Academy of Science published in the year 2006, the scientist wrote”Would carnosine or a carnivorous diet help suppress aging and associated pathologies?” Researchers and scientists are consciously working on the compound Carnosine. We found at least 114 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals in the year 2008 only.

This reveals the importance of this compound for human aging. The arguments on usefulness of Carnosine have now been resolved completely.

It has immune boosting properties and partly protect against oxidation in the cells. Doctors prescribe carnosine compound with other drugs and supplements such as, Idebenone, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10 etc. This helps in covering the all five aging mechanisms in the body.

For anti-aging purpose, the dose of Carnosine is firmly established by scientists to avoid side effects. Doctors recommended dose from 50 mg – 200mg a days. In that dose, one can use it for years without any side effects. Carnosine have reported beneficial effects on pathologies that have deleterious aldehydes in the body like inflammatory diseases, secondary diabetic complications, alcoholic liver diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Many stairs have been climbed in the discipline of cell biology over the past 60 years. Scientists are now claiming that biological immortality is quite reasonable possibility. So, now we are at a stage of controlling our biological age at some extent.

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Author:  Dr Rubina Mushtaq


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